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SERAFINO - the new one - Dal al

09/03/2020 - 11:08:53 - Fonte:

My name is Serafino and I was born on 4th March 2020 at 12:46 am exactly. After 13 months in my mother’s womb, I am so happy to be here now. I don’t tell you, but it was quite a long time - a long, long time! Shortly after I was born, I was already on my feet. It was not very easy, because my legs are very long and my head looks to me a little bit too big. I’m looki ...

Holiday Home in San Pietro di Bevagna - Dal al

Spend your holidays between beach and unspoilt nature

04/02/2020 - 18:34:31 - Fonte:

San Pietro in Bevagna – is a small seaside resort on the Ionian coast and is located between Taranto and Gallipoli about 12 km from Manduria. “The Maldives of Apulia” - Ten kilometres of wild beach, vast and free. Golden bright sand and crystal clear water. Typical colours of Caribbean paradise. The pine forest next to the beach allows bathers to sit at the shade and r ...


24/10/2019 - 21:11:12 - Fonte:

..... Pizza from firewood oven. ...

The Rites of the Holy Week - Dal al

15/03/2019 - 10:36:56 - Fonte:

The Rites of the Holy Week represent one of the most popular and remarkable events in the Jonian Salento area during Easter period. They succeed to join faith and tradition, attracting residents and tourists from neighbouring towns and the farthest cities in Italy. The imposing procession of the Mysteries on Good Friday, characterized by cross-bearers-barefoot hooded pilgrims carrying ...

Red Bull Cliff Diving 2018 Polignano a Mare - Dal al

All roads lead to ... Polignano a Mare!

17/09/2018 - 09:08:45 - Fonte:

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series returns to Italy: everything is ready for Polignano for the grand finale of the season. Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018 back in the European Mecca of Cliff Diving for the World Final of the season that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the championship of dives from the world's most adrenaline high h ...

Francavilla in celebration, the three days of Our Lady: between devotion and leisure - Dal al

Maria SS. of the fountain

01/09/2018 - 11:02:21 - Fonte:

It is an ancient and very heartfelt feast by the Francavillesi, the one in honor of Maria della Fontana. A party that goes back no less to the same origins as the City of the Imperials. More precisely when Philip I of Anjou, prince of Taranto, during a hunt in the land of Francavilla, found an image of the Madonna with the Child painted on a wall in ruins near a fountain. There, as a sig ...

Raccolta dei Fichi in Masseria - Dal al

Dried figs piled up, from cannizzi to the sun to the tables

03/09/2018 - 10:51:43 - Fonte:

The time for collecting figs in the farm has also arrived! As for the harvest, also for figs it was the first harvest. In ancient times both the tree and the fig fruit were considered sacred, emblem of life, strength and knowledge. The tree as a symbol of abundance represented fertility. In ancient Greece it was the sacred tree of Athena, goddess of wisdom and Dionysus, god of wine. Fi ...

Harvest 2018 - Dal al

Harvest 2018: golden vintage for Italian wine

04/09/2018 - 10:43:14 - Fonte:

It all began one morning in September, while we admired the sunrise from the Apulian countryside. A favorable climate has allowed the vineyards to reach a good state of health, with a correct sugar content and balanced acidity of the grapes. The good weather that characterized Puglia in the days of the harvest, then, allowed a harvest of the bunches in the best conditions, bringing a h ...

The ideal place to spend pleasant moments of rest and vacation

Relais Masseria della Colomba is the country house indicated for those who want to spend a holiday in harmony with nature and relaxation, aderendo con entusiasmo alla filosofia della formula bed and breakfast.

Located in the Apulian countryside, Relais Masseria della Colomba allows you to better experience the emotions transmitted by the enchanting land of Puglia.